• «I can't express all the pleasure that I got from the concert of Nikolay Savvidi, performed on March 1, 2014 in State Glinka museum of musical culture. The pianist showed a peculiar performance, «from heart to heart». A listener was carried away by it from the very first sound and was plunged in the world of beautiful images and sentiments. The piano sounded so deep and heartfelt.

    In the first part the pianist performed «Six musical moments», op. 16, piano round of Rakhmaninov, which sounded as a single round, yet keeping a distinct artistic idea of each round. I got the utmost pleasure from the performance of piano round 2 «Lyrical melodies» by Medtner (from «Forgotten melodies», op. 39), which are performed rarely at concerts. This round, which consists of five pieces «Meditation», «Romance», «Spring»,  »Morning song», «Tragic Sonata» is the greatest Medtner's work, a genuine masterpiece of musical literature. And the main achievement of the pianist was in his ability to reveal all the depth, warm-heartedness, sincerity and tragedy that the composer put in his work.

    And I'm grateful to Nikolay for the true understanding of these musical masterpieces, which is not often nowadays, unfortunately. I want to thank the pianist for the concert, which became a very big event for me. And I'd like to wish him success and new creative achievements!»

    − Prof Y.A. Turkina, Honored Artist of Russia
  • «It's always a pleasure to listen to Nikolay Savvidi. His art of performance, rich piano range of expression, exceptional elegance, novelty and depth of interpretations amaze listeners again and again».

    − Irina Novichkova, PhD

Nikolay Savvidi, a pianist of Greek origin, was born in Moscow in 1981 in a family of doctors. He is a follower of a well-known Russian piano school.

From 8 years old he studied to play the piano in the local musical school of A.D. Artobolevskyaya, and was taught by a famous teacher, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, D. A. Mesropova. When he was 10 he played his first solo concert, performing Tchaikovsky’s cycle “Children’s Album”. At the same time this cycle was recorded on the label of State Central Museum of Musical Culture of M.I. Glinka and taken to the archive of the museum. In 1995 he entered the Academic Musical School at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory in the class chaired by M. A. Drozdova. Later he became a scholar of the Ministry of Culture. Since 1999 he became a student at Moscow State Conservatory in a class of an associate professor, Honored artist of Russia,professor A.B. Diev. In 2005 he did post-graduate course, where he studied at People’s artist of Russia, professor A. Z. Bonduryansky.

During his studies, he participated in many international and national contests. He also took part in the International Festival of Russian art and cinema on Cote D’Azur (Nice/France, 2002). Performed many times with orchestras, played with such conductors as K. Trikolidis, D. Ografiotis, El. Vuduris, A. Zhigaylo. In 2011 was both an organizer and participant of a great event – “Memorial evening of an outstanding master Odissey Dimitriadi”, held at Moscow International House of Music.

Pianist’s repertoire includes compositions of different genres and styles not only for piano solo, but for chamber ensemble as well. At present, Nikolay Savvidi is engaged in concert activity.


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